Six Sigma Methodology
What is Six Sigma, firstly do you know what the word Sigma means?
Sigma is a Greek letter used to represent the distribution or spread about the mean (average) of any process or procedure.

Six Sigma is a term coined by Motorola to express process capability in parts per million. Six Sigma was one of several process-management techniques that took off at U.S. Manufacturing companies facing challenges from higher-quality Japanese products. These Techniques aimed at increasing efficiency and cutting costs have since been widely applied across industries such as retailing and financial services.

So what does this mean in everyday terms:
1. Six Sigma is a management philosophy.
"It's all about the customers. Six Sigma is about putting yourself in your customers shoes."
2. Six Sigma is a measurement system. It provides a set of common measurements that apply to all processes.

Why Six Sigma, it will give you the skills required to assist you in identifying process problems and more importantly how to solve them. read more

Six Sigma Fun!
It’s all the fun of puzzle play without needing a newspaper, pen and eraser. My online puzzle games are an excellent way to spend some free time building your Six Sigma vocabulary and problem solving skills, as well as a great way to keep your mind quick and flexible. Many puzzles offer 2 game play levels, I am sure your will find a puzzle that is both fun and challenging. They are highly entertaining and highly addictive! ENJOY!

Crossword Puzzle
This crossword puzzle is considered the ultimate Six Sigma challenge for lovers of word-play.

The puzzles are provided free of charge for any non profit making users. Provided that the original source is acknowledged. i.e. please do not delete my name from the files or copy any content without written consent.

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