Project Management Methodology
What is Project Management, A common process to be used by the Information Technology (IT) organization ensuring a consistent way in which IT works and engages the business partners to deliver solutions faster, cost effectively, and with higher quality.

Why use a Project Management Methodology:

  1. Improved process controls and measurements; single process aligned with SDLC
  2. Support of specific product family process
  3. SOX and other regulatory requirement Compliance
  4. Reduced lead time as rework and waste is eliminated
  5. Enhanced productivity
  6. Increased visibility of IM performance
  7. Achieve higher client satisfaction

More people work on IT project than on any other category of projects. In fact, if you were to conduct a statistical investigation of who is doing what on projects implemented throughout the world, you would likely find that more people are working in IT projects than all other types combined!

In this site I deal explicity with the challenges faced by project professionals working on IT projects. It serves as a bridging function, where best-practice Six Sigma and conventional Project Management merge. read more


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With the ever increasing requirement of executing projects in almost every every industry, the role of the project manager has become all the more important. Certified project managers are one of the highest paid and most sought after professionals today.

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